How to Lubricate Your Bearings
Wheel Bearings

How to Lubricate Your Bearings

To prolong the life of your 21-88 Dexter Axle, Dexter strongly suggests that you perform an annual bearing oil and greasing operation as described in the maintenance schedule. When you attempt these service checks, remember the significance of security. Feel free to follow the instructions below if you are familiar with trailer maintenance.

If you don’t feel safe performing trailer or truck maintenance, take your vehicle to a service center to avoid any damage. Carefully follow the correct procedures performed below for each type of lubrication.


Right lubrication is vital to the appropriate function as well as the reliability of your trailer axle. Bearings must be lubricated every 12k miles. You must repack the bearing cone by placing a tiny amount, of grease in the palm of your hand, about the size of a half dollar. At that moment press a unit of the wider last of the wheel bearing into the outside edge of the pile of grease near your thumb, forcing the grease into the bearing.

You need to repeat this as you rotate the bearing from one roller to the other. You must carry on this process until the whole bearing is full of grease. Before reinstalling the bearing, be sure to apply a light coating of oil to the bearing cup.


Never mix calcium, lithium, sodium, or barium-complex greases because of possible compatibility issues. If you change from one type of grease to the other, it is needed to make sure that all old grease has been taken away. Read more about Keeping Your Trailer Tire Bearings Happy by visiting


If your 21-88 Dexter Axle is prepared with oil-lubricated hubs, check occasionally as well as fill up the hub as required with standard hypoid oil to the level shown on the pure plastic oil cap. Oil can be loaded from the hole of the oil filler, whether present, in the hub to the rubber plug hole in the lid itself.

Each time the hub is detached, inspect the seal to make sure it is not chipped or torn and can still adequately seal the bearing cavity. Replace the seal if there is any doubt about the condition. Use just the stamps specified in our stamp table.

E-Z Lube

At first, you have to eliminate the rubber plug from the end of the grease cap. Next, fit a normal manual grease gun into the oil fitting set on the end of the spindle. Never use pneumatically actuated grease guns because they can inject grease too quickly and cause grease to pass through the seal or in unusual cases dislodge the seal.

You need to ensure that the nozzle of the grease gun is completely engaged in the fitting. While rotating the hub, slowly pump the grease into the fitting. Displaced old grease will start to ooze out of the cap around the nozzle of the grease gun. If the new clean grease starts to come out, wipe off any excess, remove the grease gun, as well as swap the rubber plug in the cap.

Pro Tip

Proper maintenance of your 21-88 Dexter Axle is crucial for its longevity and performance. Whether greasing bearings or checking oil levels, following prescribed procedures ensures safety. If unsure, seek professional service at a nearby center. Accessing quality trailer parts near you guarantees reliability and safety for your trailer’s continued smooth operation.