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Rims, Wheels, and Hubcaps: What’s the Difference? 

The terms Rims, Wheels, and Dexter Hub Cap get tossed around a lot. However, what are the differences between Rims, Wheels, and Hubcap, what does your vehicle have, and what should you seek when upgrading or replacing the appearance of your vehicle? We have all the answers here. 

What Is the Difference Between Rims and Wheels? 

There are differences technically. However, just depending on where you are and who you are speaking to, the words tires and wheels are typically substitutable. Rims can include the cylindrical outer edges of the wheel that seal the tire in place. And, a wheel refers to the piece of equipment that grips the tire and is attached to the car with lugs. 

What Distinguishes Hubcaps, Center Caps, and Wheel Covers? 

Many vehicles sport center caps, Dexter Hub Caps, or wheel covers. Some of today’s electric vehicles use hubcaps or wheel covers to increase range. But what are the differences between them? 

Center Caps

Most commonly found on trailers as well as RVs, and SUVs in the 1980s, center caps leave the lugs visible while being attached to the center of the wheel. These inventions were generally used to maintain dirt out of wheel bearings. Today’s cars that have center caps generally cover more of the whole wheel, with the lugs. 

Hubcaps/Wheel Covers

They are very similar things. Whether your car came with black, standard, or steel wheels, you’ll probably find they have wheel covers or hubcaps. This is both for aerodynamics and aesthetics. 

How Is a Hubcap Different from a Wheel? 

If you are looking at the wheels of a car, it may not be apparent that there are Dexter Hub Caps covering those wheels. A hubcap directly attached to the wheel is generally used to hide a common or unappealing wheel or to add aerodynamics to a car. It does both sometimes. On the other hand, the wheel is there as a process to attach the tire to the car. 

Although most wheels don’t come with hubcaps, they can usually be added to several steel wheels to protect them from debris, sphere wheel bearings, or enhance fuel range or efficiency. 

Is It Possible to Replace the Rims with a Dissimilar Size? 

You can always replace the wheels on your car with an original custom set. Even you can select a different size. You may need to raise or lower your car and purchase various-size rims. One option is known as plus sizes. Basically, we fit bigger diameter wheels with lower profile tires to enhance the handling through increased contact patch and appearance with shorter sidewall or aspect ratio of your car. 

Can Damaged Rims, Wheels, or Hubcaps Be Repaired? 

Understanding the differences between rims, wheels, and hubcaps is essential for maintaining and upgrading your vehicle. Rims hold the tires, while wheels attach the tires to the car. Hubcaps, including Dexter Hub Caps, protect wheels and enhance aerodynamics.

When upgrading or replacing wheels, you can choose different sizes and styles to improve handling and appearance. Knowing when to repair or replace damaged rims and wheels ensures vehicle safety.

For those looking to enhance their vehicle’s performance or aesthetics, finding quality trailer parts near you is key. Whether it’s rims, wheels, or hubcaps, having the right parts can make all the difference. Explore the options available to keep your vehicle in top condition.